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The Happy Gut Nutrition Counseling

Welcome to your new health chapter.

Research shows that adverse early life experiences can set the stage for chronic health and/or digestive conditions, which may feel like a life sentence for many. Fortunately, research also shows that food and eating offer the potential of powerful medicine that can support the treatment AND prevention of chronic disease,

regardless of your history.

Each person is unique with individualized needs and carries the potential for increased well-being starting exactly where you are. We are particularly passionate about supporting those with autoimmune and chronic GI disorders and considering one's specific challenges -- from cooking skills and picky eating to food intolerances and sensitivities-- to support physiological functioning and reduction of inflammation. Stepping into health is how we nourish ourselves in the present - and this looks different for each of us. 

If you have been struggling with gut issues that have taken you away from living your normal life, or if you struggle with food cravings or disordered eating with or without digestive symptoms, The Happy Gut Nutrition Counseling can help. 


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