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Individual Assessment & Nutrition Care Plan

Initial visits are typically 60-75 min in length.

This includes a nutrition assessment, nutrition care plan, and next steps to help you meet your health goals. We are happy to coordinate care with your primary care provider as needed. We take a functional nutrition approach to your nutrition care plan.

We accept Regence Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance plans, United Healthcare, & PacificSource. We also offer cash pay options.


Assessment / History 

Prior to your visit, we will send you an invite to join our telehealth platform, Practice Better. You'll fill out at least two intake forms along with a standard HIPAA form and health care agreement. This will provide us with the needed information to consider in your nutrition care plan. We'll ask about medications, health history, symptoms, diet history, and health goals. We review all this prior to your first visit. 


Development of Nutrition Care Plan

During your telehealth visit, we will collaboratively discuss the next steps to help you meet your health goal. We will discuss your current eating and make recommendations for changes that feel manageable for you. We will make a few goals and a plan for follow-up. 


Meal Plans and Recipes

If your nutrition care plan involves significant changes to your intake based on your health goals or symptoms, we will provide a meal plan or recipes to use, incorporating your preferences and sensitivities or allergies. If we have time in our nutrition visit, we can create this together, or you can make a separate appointment to focus on this collaboratively. 


Functional Labs & Supplement Recommendations 

While food and lifestyle come first, your nutrition care plan may include recommendations for functional lab testing and supplementation with specific nutrients based on your nutrition assessment. Labs and supplements are not typically covered by insurance; if they are a cost barrier, we can focus on your nutrition care plan without them. 

We use FullScript for supplement recommendations. Although supplements are not regulated by the FDA, Fullscript has high standards for quality control and many products are third party tested. Once setting up an account with Fullscript, supplements are shipped directly to your home. We offer a 15% discount for our clients. 

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